Community Conversation – Friday, March 16th, 2012

Community Conversation – Friday, March 16th, 2012

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As Vision 2020’s unofficial kickoff event held at the Royal Victoria College Dining Hall, the Community Conversation provided the opportunity for the entire McGill community to get together, brainstorm, and help decide what McGill would really look like in the year 2020. With the realization that sustainability was more than just recycling or turning off the lights, this group of over 100 students, faculty, and staff worked towards a shared vision of a better future at McGill, while considering the social, environmental, and economic factors.

Led by Matt Park, a recently-graduated student in Environment, the attendees started with a “Sustainability Speed Dating” event where conversations were had one-on-one to share visions of McGill’s sustainable future. Shortly after, brief words were shared from Sustainability Coordinator for SSMU, Dave Gray-Donald, Sustainability Projects Fund Administrator, Lilith Wyatt, Vision 2020 Intern, Sean Reginio, and Associate Director of the McGill School of Environment, George McCourt. From then on, the mayhem began, and groups of 10-12 started the some pretty enthusiastic discussion.

The three main questions being answered by these groups were:
1. What is McGill doing now regarding economic, social, and environmental sustainability?
2. What does McGill University look like in the year 2020?
3. What steps must we take to achieve this vision for McGill in the year 2020?

Creating a contagious energy that spread throughout the room, these McGill community members were unbelievably passionate about visioning our university’s future. From bike tents to centralized computer units, a plethora of intriguing ideas and suggestions for McGill’s future were doodled, designed, and written down in all sorts of ways on huge sheets of paper.

All of these ideas have been recorded, and they will play an integral role in shaping some key documents that will guide our university into the next decade. Several engagement events are already planned to follow up this powerful start to the Vision 2020 process, including the Mapping McGill event to be held on the 2nd Floor of the Trottier Building next Monday, March 19th!

- Sean Reginio

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