The 3 Vision 2020 Documents

The 3 Vision 2020 Documents

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The main objective of the Vision 2020 process has been to produce 3 key documents that will outline a sustainable strategy for the next decade. From engagement events to working groups or steering committees, all of the initiatives within Vision 2020 have been striving to shape these key documents, and promote social, environmental, and economic sustainability throughout McGill.

The first document is the Situational Analysis, which aims to describe McGill’s current sustainable initiatives and compare them to peers and best practices. The document’s primary audience is the members of the McGill community curious about McGill’s sustainable initiatives and performance relative to other North American universities. Benchmarking is divided into 4 main categories: Academics, Research, Operations, and Culture. This Situational Analysis will be posted on the Office of Sustainability website within the coming weeks.

The second two documents are the 10-Year Vision and Goals document and the 5-Year Action Plan. The 10-Year Vision and Goals document aims to paint a picture of what the McGill community believes our university should look like in the year 2020. Whether it be that McGill is a leader in energy use, or McGill has a more balanced budget, we hope to complete a document that describes these aspirations during the Fall semester. Then, the 5-Year Action Plan will outline tangible action items that McGill should complete to achieve the previously mentioned vision and goals. It will be vital this community takes action after these documents are created, and this 5-Year Action Plan hopes to guide us towards taking these necessary steps. We hope for this final document to be finished by the beginning of the winter semester.

- Sean Reginio

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