Drumroll (and disclaimer)…Here’s the Draft Action Plan!

Since you last saw us at the Category Jams in March and April the Vision 2020 team has been doing lots of planning, meeting, and photo (7)preparing for a year of implementation. We’ve also been turning your ideas into the first draft of the document we’ve all been waiting for: the Vision 2020 Sustainability Action Plan. The draft is done and we have to admit we’re pretty excited about it. But, wait, don’t click through to read it yet! Before you do, here are some things you should know:

  • This is a DRAFT! A preliminary, messy one at that. We want your input and will be asking for it in a variety of ways over the coming months. Stay tuned for opportunities to put your two cents in, but also feel free to send us your thoughts on this first version if you’re so inclined.
  • This draft Action Plan is NOT the final Vision 2020 document, and it is not intended to stand alone. It is what we’re calling an “interim deliverable” that is intended as a companion to the Vision & Goals report. We’re releasing the draft Action Plan in this form so we can seek your input specifically on the actions. Once the actions are finalized, we will integrate the vision, goals and actions into a comprehensive Sustainability Strategy—this will be the big guiding document and final product of Vision 2020. We know this is confusing. Basically, “Vision & Goals” + “Action Plan” = “Sustainability Strategy”.
  • Not all actions are listed, and not all listed actions will get done right away. The Action Plan includes a “short list” of actions that – in the view of the Vision 2020 team and key partners – will, over the next five years, move us toward McGill’s sustainability vision and goals. Actions include a mix of big ideas (e.g. institutionalize a triple bottom-line approach to decision-making) and easy wins (e.g. hold networking events to foster collaboration in research). Although we hope that partners will commit to leading actions, there is no guarantee that this will happen for all actions. It also goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that there are many, many important sustainability actions that are not listed here. These smaller and less centralized actions are vitally important to building a culture of sustainability at McGill.  We’ll make a “long list” of action ideas that came out in the Vision 2020 process available later this summer.
  • The actions in this plan will be led primarily by administrative partners, but it is vital for students and faculty to get involved. One friend of Vision 2020, upon reading the draft Action Plan for the first time, remarked in some dismay that it seemed like the Sustainability Action Plan for Administrative Staff. It’s true that the actions prioritized here are ones that will have an institution-wide impact, and ones for which an administrative unit will likely be the lead. We believe that a strong commitment to sustainability by McGill’s administration will enable action across the McGill community. As the Sustainability Strategy is finalized, the Vision 2020 team will provide tools to help all members of the community engage in different ways.
  • This plan has come from you—thank you! For your ideas, for your patience, for your optimism and commitment. Just in case you’ve actually waited this long to click through to the Action Plan, here it is again.